General Club Rules

Unfortunately there have to be some rules, so here they are… would all members please adhere to them.

Government, LTA and Club rules due to COVID-19 must be adhered to at all times

  1. Footwear. All court users should wear tennis shoes. Anyone not doing so may be asked to leave. If it didn’t say ‘Tennis Shoes’ on the box then they are probably not Tennis Shoes.
  2. Members should be able to display the current years shoe tags, issued by the club, when on court.
  3. Waiting players. If both courts are in use and members are waiting to play, players should complete the set in progress or stop play after half-an-hour (whichever is sooner) to let waiting players take their turn (or, if playing singles, invite those waiting to make up doubles)… Not applicable when the court booking system is in use.
  4. Guests. Adult members are entitled to bring a guest player a maximum of three times, after which the ‘guest’ is expected to become a full member of the club. Junior and intermediate members may not bring guests
  5. Priority is given to adult members after 7pm on weekdays; after this time junior members may be asked to leave the courts to allow adult members to play.
  6. Court availability.There are times when the Parish Council hire the courts out to other users and we do not have access: Monday evenings after 6:30pm – the Netball club