General Club Rules & Policies

Unfortunately there have to be some rules, so here they are… would all members please adhere to them.

  1. Footwear. All court users must wear tennis shoes. Anyone not doing so may be asked to leave. If it didn’t say ‘Tennis Shoes’ on the box then they are probably not Tennis Shoes.
  2. Courts should be booked in advance through the court booking system. Each adult member can have two active bookings. Priority should be given to users who have booked the court.
  3. Guests. Adult members can bring guests up to three times. Afterward, guests must become full members. Junior members can’t bring guests.
  4. Court availability. Occasionally, the Parish Council rents the courts, this is reflected in the booking system.
  5. Coaching. Members can hire coaches privately for individual or group sessions. Members should ensure court availability by booking the court in advance.